NXTGN 2001 - A Transformational Global Leader

I. Seminar Description

This seminar examines the aspect of learning the skills to become a transformational leader in an organizational setting. To accomplish this objective, a leader has to understand the importance of:

  1. transformational leadership from in a diverse, global environment
  2. organizational culture and structure, and
  3. leading change through adaptive work
II. The Nextgen Global Leaders Program

Vision - Through excellence in education, practical application, and a proven developmental process, we strive to produce strategic, adaptive, transformational, servant-hearted global leaders who work in life-changing organizations impacting their communities, countries, regions, and the world.

III. Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
  • PLO 1: Demonstrate abilities of a global leader in key functions to lead an organization.
  • PLO 2: Demonstrate growth of scholarship and knowledge in identity of a transformational global leader.
  • PLO 3: Create verbal and written communications to express ideas and concepts clearly and effectively in a consultative environment.
  • PLO 4: Design a consultative project that produces a comprehensive plan for meeting organizational objectives.
  • PLO 5: Evaluate and appraise the applications/communications of global leadership in the context of individualism, teams, and organizations.
IV. Seminar Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • SLO 1: Examine the need for global leaders to become transformational in their organizations. PLO 1,2
  • SLO 2: Identify and create transformational strategies for the organizational culture. PLO 3,4
  • SLO 3: Synthesize transformational and adaptive leadership theory to increase effectiveness of global leadership in obtaining organizational objectives. PLO 4,5
  • SLO 4: Design a platform to communicate plans to serve organizations through transformational leadership in culture and structure through leading change. PLO 3,4

Seminar Learning Objectives

  1. Assess the theory and practice of transformational leadership and how it applies to global leaders.
  2. Identify a need for a global leader becoming transformational in their organization.
  3. Examine and synthesize the process of transformational leadership and measuring results of the plan in order to demonstrate your ability to see a holistic picture of an organization.
  4. Synthesize knowledge and experiences to identify a need for transformational leadership as it pertains to leading change in culture and structure.
  5. Communicate the approach in a clear and concise presentation.
V. Course Schedule and Assignments
Course # Course Title Assessment Seminars Coaching
Nxtgn 2001 The Transformational Global Leader Pre-seminar Assessment 4.5 days

Pre-seminar session

During seminar session

Activity Assessment

Typical Student’s Activity

Typical Total hours that Activity

After 100 Days Assessment (self) Read, Review, Reflect and Complete 4 hours
Total 4 hours

Activity Seminar

Standard for Time Calculation

Typical Student’s Activity

Typical Total hours that Activity

Pre-Seminar Reading


1 hr for 15 pages read 150 pages 10 hours

Seminar Time:


1 Day = 6 hours Lecturing, Discussions, and Team Exercises 24 hours


3 journals before, 3 after seminar

1 hour for 3 pages of Journal 20 pages 10 hours

Individual Project

Presentation completed 1 month after class

1 hr for 1 polished page 10 pages 10 hours
  Total 54 hours

Activity Coaching

Typical Student’s Activity

Typical Total hours that Activity

Mid Program Coaching Session (Virtually) Individual Coaching, Journaling and Action Planning 2 hours
During Seminar 2 Coaching Session Individual Coaching, Journaling and Action Planning 2 hours
Total 4 hours
VI. Course Certificate

The following guidelines will be used to determine the completion of the seminar:

  # of Assignments % of Total Grade
Discussion Forums: Pre-Seminar 3 10%
Seminar - Attendance and Participation 4 60%
Coaching/ Reflection 4 30%
  Total 100%