The NextGen Global Leaders Development

 E-Learning: Creating Strategic Ideas

Participants are introduced to concepts at their own pace and convenience through online lessons and video. The materials include assignments in advance of the workshop.

 Workshops: Developing Business Concepts

An interactive time to build and reinforce the ideas in a personal and team environment with exercises specific to the participant’s job.

 Process Advisor: Direct Implementation to Job

This is where the implementation and accountable follow through of your developed ideas happen in your particular role and business environment.

The Results for Your Organization

  • LEADERSHIP - foundational leadership principles structured in all of our courses will spread throughout your organization and bring about long-term, sustained success.
  • EMPOWERED - employees are empowered and successful by being focused and confident in managing projects and/or working in the global market.
  • STRENGTHENED - employees gain a better understanding of their own strengths and how they specifically contribute to the company’s vision/mission.
  • GLOBAL MARKET GROWTH - effectively communicate and broaden the company’s mission/brand in the global market.
  • STRATEGY AND PROFITS - employees are able to strategically identify profitable opportunities in the global market.

Course Offerings

 NXTGN 1001 - A Global Leader

Who: All Management Levels

This seminar examines the aspect of developing as an effective Global Leader. To accomplish this objective a leader has to understand the importance of:

  1. development of a local to global leader
  2. identity as a global leader
  3. thinking, acting, and influecing as a strategic leader and
  4. leading as a servant, releasing power and control.

 NXTGN 2001 - A Transformational Global Leader

Who: All Management Levels

This seminar examines the aspect of learning the skills to become a transformational leader in an organizational setting. To accomplish this objective, a leader has to understand the importance of:

  1. transformational leadership from in a diverse, global environment
  2. organizational culture and structure, and
  3. leading change through adaptive work

 Problem Solving and Decision Making

Who: All Management Levels

This interactive, outcome‐focused workshop blends team development with rational and creative critical thinking processes to create a comprehensive approach to problem solving, decision making, and planning. Over 60% of this program involves participants in learner‐driven activities and on‐the‐job application.

 High Performing Team & Partnerships

Who: Managers forming teams or partnerships

In the globalized economy, a critical component for success is a strong network of partners. Each partnership opportunity is unique and requires foundational principles to succeed. This course draws out a “partnership map” with multiple tools for evaluating, developing, and managing trusted and high performing partnerships.

 Effective Communication Skills

Who: Mid to Upper Management

Communication requires a sender and a receiver. Too often, we are so focused on what we are saying that we forget the most important person in the conversation is not us. Communication is not confined to a controlled one‐way channel like advertising but is a living process requiring constant attention. To become a high‐performing leader, a person has to effectively communicate by actively listening.

 Custom Training Solutions

Who: All Management Levels

This is not an “out of the box” training but is a custom program that assesses the needs and develops internal reproducible programs based on management structure and ability. We can identify in‐house trainers, coach senior executives, and mentor trainers. This structure enables the company to build a training development program in‐house that is implemented by a company’s own employees.