Nextgen Global Leaders PTE LTD in Singapore is a company founded by Jay Clark in 2015. It is committed to serving organisations in the development, identification and management of global leaders. The company's services include teaching, training, workshop management, consulting, and management outsourcing. With projects in the US, India, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Dubai, the UK, Australia, and South Africa, the theory of global leadership teams is placed into practical applications.

Mission & Vision

Nextgen is commited to serving organisations in the development, identification, and management of global leaders.

Dr. Jay Clark, Ph. D. Nextgen Global Leaders Founder

About The Founder

Over the last two decades, Jay has been dedicated to practicing, researching, and teaching global leadership.

His practice of global leadership started when he gained valuable insights on strategy development, management challenges and practices, and leadership development. In 2004 he founded Sun Consulting Services and managed the offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Under Jay’s leadership, Sun Consulting was able to be a pioneer in China for the consulting industry by working with a state-owned oil and gas company and a large publically traded Technology Company.

From his experiences of working in emerging markets around the world, Jay developed the Nextgen Global Leaders Program. This program is for corporations and non-profit organizations that are transforming into global companies and need to identify, train, and manage top talent in order to expand globally. Jay has worked with HR departments of both large and small organizations to link their corporate strategy with a leadership development program. To expand the Nextgen Global Leaders Network, Jay founded Nextgen Global Leaders PTE LTD in Singapore in 2015 to serve Asian organizations in developing global leaders. He then founded Nextgen Global Teams (United Arab Emirates) and Nextgen Global Leaders, LLC (United States).

After he finished his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, he utilized his research in global leadership and teams to publish his first book The Five Principles of Global Leadership. He teaches participants online and in person through the Nextgen Global Leaders Institute. He also teaches MBA classes at Johnson University and serves on Ph.D. committees for the Center of Global Studies.

Jay earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Carolina University, a Masters in Business Administration from Auburn University, and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.