What makes global leadership so complex? Is it the well-known difficulties of cross-cultural communication or the inability to develop a global mindset? Although the answer is yes to both questions, they are not the main reasons. The complexity of global leadership is the most obvious when leaders have to make strategic decisions for an organization filled with crisis, conflict, and a diverse background of followers.

By presenting the five principles of leadership in a global context, we look at the need, challenges, and opportunities for global leaders. The first task in understanding the impact of the five principles is to form a true definition of global leadership. The definition encompasses more than just selling products or managing teams across national boundaries.

Explored Topics

  • Definiton of Principle, The 5 Principles of Global Leadership
  • Why Global Leadership?
  • Definition of Global Leadership
  • Why descriptive and not prescriptive?
  • Description of each Principle
  • Common Global Leadership Characteristics
  • Why Manage and Not Reduce Complexities?
  • Cognitive Complexities faced by Global Leaders
  • How Does the 5 Principles Manage the Cognitive Complexities?
  • Developing the 5 Principles
  • Global Leadership Development
  • The Constructive Process



Power and Information




Strategic Communication




Leading self and organisational humility




Identifying need for and implementing change initiatives.




Making sense of emotions of your followers

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A Participant's Testimonial


At Christian medical College Vellore we are totally focussed towards preparedness and mitigation of this pandemic. Several of our staff are tirelessly serving the needs of the patients who need care, though the workload is getting downsized but however being in leadership roles several of us need to be available in the hospital premises to manage continuously emerging challenges in such an unpredictable complex scenario.

Thanks Jay and the Kerusso team for introducing to the Five principles of Global leadership.

These times of a Global crisis are actually helping me to put into practise these principles and take decisions.

Dr. Thomas Samuel Ram (Singapore Cohort 2)

Associate Director/Professor and Head
Radiation Oncology Unit 1
Ida B Scudder Cancer Centre
Christian Medical College
Vellore, India